Gas Migration Control Additives

Protected Slurries for Improved Cementing Operations

The threat of gas migration during cement placement is present in the timeframe between the conclusion of the cementing operation and the cement setting, as well as after the cement has set. Al Moghera has developed a range of gas migration additives that Mitigates gas migration/invasion resulting from hydrostatic pressure or micro-annulus

These highly-effective products operate either with single or dual functionality and feature a combination of robust agents that work to produce the following effects:

  • Improved bonding
  • Mitigation of gas migration
  • Corrected strength retrogression and fluid loss
  • Improved cement elasticity

Our liquid latex gas migration control additive is engineered to form a protective, impermeable latex barrier between cement slurries and formation gas penetration. Furthermore, GASCON solid gas migration additive is designed to be dry blended with cement, making it cost-effective, simple to handle, and easy to incorporate into operations.

Gas Migration Control Additives Offerings

LX-400 Liquid Latex Gas Migration Control Additive

  • Highly-effective plastic barrier against gas movement delivers superior gas migration control
  • Boosts bonding between cement and casing/formation
  • Improves mitigation of fluid loss
  • Reduces rheology for easier pumping and lower cement slurry friction loss
  • Effective in all cement systems
  • Works well alongside other cement additives
  • Mitigates HSE risk during cement placement

GASCON Solid Gas Migration Control Additive

  • Fosters superior rheological control during hydration for improved gas migration and fluid loss control
  • Enhances bonding properties
  • Boosts compressive strength
  • Works well with a range of cementing additives
  • Lowers the risk for HSE during cement placement
  • Product is not toxic or hazardous

Recommended Stabilizers for Liquid Latex Gas Migration Control Additive

  • LXS-100 Latex Stabilizer— Formulated for cementing operations involving latex for stabilization purposes that can help prevent slurries with latex from de-emulsifying at elevated temperatures and in the presence of salts or divalent ions


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