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Offering Chemical Solutions to Improve Your Bottom Line

For over three decades as an industry leader, Al Moghera has consistently provided high performance and value to customers through its specialized chemical products and high-quality professional services. From drilling, to cementing, to stimulation, to production, Al Moghera’s specially-designed, top-quality products have delivered a boost in well performance, helping customers rehabilitate old wells and improve the functioning of new ones.

Cementing Chemicals

Improve cement slurry performance with cementing additives that assist with bonding, in addition to boosting the structural integrity of the wellbore and ensure it remains stable.

Drilling Fluid Additives

Our additives and custom-formulated fluid systems enhance operator drilling efficiency while minimizing costs and health, safety, and environmental (HSE) impact.

Production Chemicals

Providing, cost effective chemical solutions to help companies meet their technical challenges in production, reducing cost of operation and facilitating safer operating environments.

Stimulation Chemicals

Al Moghera develop, manufacture, and supply effective, economical and readily available well stimulation additives for fracturing and acidizing are designed to supports and enhance productionduring acid stimulation jobs.