Cement Spacers

Superior Displacement for Enhanced Cementing Operations

Cement Spacers are indispensible for diverting drilling mud and oily residue from the cement slurry as well as from related surfaces.

Make your wellbore ready for cement.

Trust Al Moghera’s CSP-400, CSP-417 and CSS-100 cement spacers to ready your wellbore for cement and establish the ideal environment for zonal isolation. These spacers effectively clear the annulus of mud and drilling fluid, leaving its surfaces wet but oil-free, thereby enabling it and the casing to accept a cement bond.

Cement Spacers Offerings


Al Moghera offers CSP-417, a thorough mud-displacing cement spacer additive that effectively separates slurries from a range of muds (e.g. fresh water muds, sea water muds, and saturated salt muds). This high-performing product is engineered to withstand high pressures and to retain viscosity and maintain solids at temperatures up to 300°F (149°C). Formulated as an easy-blend powder that readily mixes with fresh water, CSP-417 can be combined with barite or another weighting agent to achieve a cement spacing of variable density. Its low additive requirements make for streamlined logistics, and it is conveniently available in a single-sack spacer formulation.

  • Increases zonal isolation through mud removal
  • Delivers thorough mud displacement
  • Fine weighting material boosts control and stabilization of spacer
  • No impact on integrity of cement slurry
  • Removes the possibility of mud/slurry incompatibility
  • Does not adversely impact the formation
  • Works compatibly with other cement additives
  • Low additive requirements make for streamlined logistics
  • Available in single-sack spacer formulation for simplified use
  • No hazardous ingredients

Recommended Supplementary Additives for Oil-Based or Invert Mud Systems

  • CW-107 Surfactant—boosts cement bonding by removing oil-based fluids from formation walls and pipes
  • DF-3 Cement Defoamer—addresses cement spacer foaming