Sustainability Overview

The health and safety of employees, clients, surrounding neighborhoods, and the larger environment are of the utmost importance to Al Moghera

Our health, safety, and environment standards are in alignment with our goal of being among the safest and most environmentally responsible companies in the world.

The work we perform for our clients is always in compliance with local HSE requirements.

We are also careful to meet or exceed any additional health, safety, and environmental specifications requested by our clients.

Al Moghera prioritizes training our employees to meet the most rigorous standards of quality control while upholding health, safety, and environmental protections. We maintain strenuous guidelines for implementing our HSE policies, all of which follow industry regulations and local and international law. We continually promote the safest possible work methodologies so that we may maximize the value we provide clients while protecting employees, local populations, air, land, and water.

Our company objectives are simple and easy to understand. They include:

  • Maintaining the highest standards of quality control in our products and services while ensuring that they meet the technical requirements and operating specifications required by each customer’s unique well environment.
  • Upholding risk management protocols such that our personnel and operating environment are never in danger of injury, contamination, or other damages.
  • Continually improving the quality of our products, services, and operational practices.
  • Conducting frequent consultations with personnel and industry leaders regarding best practices in safety, health, quality, and environmental protection.