Quality Policy Statement

Al Moghera’s commitment to quality can be seen in our continued development of products and services that meet the highest standards of our industry, customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and the general public. The General Manager is responsible for implementing our quality system and related policy.

We monitor and maintain our quality system by continuously:

  • Ensuring that our products are manufactured at costs that are globally competitive, that they are delivered via exceptional customer service, and that they incorporate technical innovations and performance efficiency standards
  • Using sustainable methods to deliver appropriate resources and maintain compliance with all applicable local, national, and international laws, regulations, and requirements in our operations
  • Improving the efficiency of our energy use so that we may reduce waste and emissions, avoid pollution, safeguard the environment, and significantly decrease the environmental impact of every aspect of our operations
  • Preventing work-related illness and injury by providing safe and healthy working conditions that adhere to OSH guidelines, and by ensuring that our employees and stakeholders are regularly updated on these guidelines
  • Establishing quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) objectives and conducting regular performance reviews to ensure that these objectives are being met
  • Providing supervision and regularly scheduled training for our employees so that they can best leverage their skills and experience to maintain compliance with our QHSE policy
  • Engaging employees in initiatives that reduce OSH risks and prevent hazardous conditions
  • Performing regularly scheduled management system audits to ensure the effectiveness of the system and implement improvements when necessary
  • Implementing, maintaining, and upgrading our integrated management systems to meet all applicable ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards
  • Engaging all employees at every level including contractors and sub-contractors in the implementation, maintenance, and periodic improvement of our integrated management systems