Foaming Agents

Foaming agents prove useful in fracturing, acidizing, or gelled acid stimulation treatments, particularly when the aim is achieving rapid fluid recovery and cleanup and/or initiating production to a low pressure reservoir with a gas charge. The product of a foaming agent ranges from a gas-energized fluid to an actual foam, and is achieved when a gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide is suspended during a treatment’s aqueous phase.

Al Moghera’s foaming agents are available in the following formulas:

  • Amphoteric Foaming Agent: Good for use in acid systems and with a variety of corrosion inhibitors, amphoteric foamers work even at high temperatures to perform like a powerful proppant, with minimal fluid loss.
  • Anionic Foaming Agent: Delivering surfactant properties in a range of waters from heavy brines to hard and sulphur water, anionic foamers offer high performance and multi-purpose functionality. Anionic foamers work harmoniously with alcohol in water block removal systems.