Production Optimization

Maximizing Yield in Production Applications

During the fractional distillation stage of oil production, the components in the crude are separated. The hydrocarbons are extracted, and the liquid hydrocarbons, gas, and water are recovered from the crude. The solids are also removed. It is imperative that during production, the process of recovering, separating, and refining crude oil is achieved as expeditiously and economically as possible. Al Moghera offers a suite of high-quality chemicals to help companies meet their technical challenges in oil production services.

By constantly improving the quality and reliability of our chemical solutions, we help service companies meet the industry’s overall drive for greater efficiency and productivity.

Our product line includes:

  • Corrosion Inhibitors are used as suppressors to protect the steel parts for all areas of production.
  • Emulsion breakers separate the produced water from the oil.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide control to reduce levels of toxic (H2S) gas.
  • Biocides are used to keep bacteria growth under control.
  • Scale Inhibitors act as prevention solutions to control inorganic deposits.
  • Cleaning agents effectively remove the organic deposits from all equipment parts.
  • Defoamers is used to mitigate foam problems.

Related Information

Corrosion Inhibitors

One of the greatest costs in the oilfield industry is corrosion, and our products are specifically designed to handle a wide range of corrosive environments. Al Moghera’s corrosion inhibitors consist of sophisticated and customized formulas designed to address your unique corrosion challenges.


Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) are one source that can sour a reservoir or supply. Chemical and biological substances (biocides) are chiefly used to prevent extensive growth of these bacteria. Al Moghera offers a variety of specialty chemicals to suppress and manage this prevalent issue when microorganisms are involved.

Cleansing Agents

Cleaning contaminated equipment and tools can be a challenge. Al Moghera’s cleansing agents are efficient solutions. When environmentally advanced products are needed, our cleaning agents offer powerful nonionic- and anionic-based surface-active substances for the removal of organic deposits.

Emulsion Breakers

Emulsion breakers or demulsifiers are used to accelerate the separation of water from oil and oil from water during the dehydration process. Al Moghera offers a variety of specialty chemicals to separate these substances in production systems.


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