Al Moghera provides cost effective chemical treatments for oil and gas production and additives for drilling, workover and stimulation

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Drilling Fluids

Drilling, Workover and Completion fluids designed for the oil and gas industry. Ensure a consistent supply.

The drilling mud system performs several important functions to oil & gas well drilling. These include the removal of drill cuttings, the prevention the entry and migration of formation fluids by maintaining proper hydrostatic pressures, as well as wellbore and tool lubricity.

Al Moghera designs,Supply and produces a wide range of drilling and completion products and systems. Our drilling additives are used to prepare fluids for any drilling situation, including non-toxic drilling mud systems for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

Our product portfolio includes:

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High-Performance and Value for Over 32 Years
Al Moghera was established in 1986 as a wholesale supplier of specialty chemicals to oilfield service companies.

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