Well Acidizing

High-Performance Acidizing Additives

The techniques of matrix and fracture acidizing of sandstone and carbonate reservoirs are used to stimulate production rates in oil and gas reservoirs. Our acidizing portfolios expedite and enhance hydrocarbon recovery in acidizing and fracturing operations to help clients see a maximized return on their wells.

Al Moghera's application expertise and broad testing capabilities allow for optimized acidizing solutions that support a wide range of client products and environments.

Acidizing Additives Increase Effectiveness and Improve Profitability in a Range of Environments

Al Moghera develops and manufactures a unique product line of fully customizable acidizing additives. Our products have been tested in the field and shown to provide each customer with the most efficient solutions for their specific well conditions. Applications include:

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Acid Corrosion Inhibitors

Al Moghera develops acid corrosion inhibitors for all mineral and organic acid applications. Our inhibitors are designed to protect metal components, equipment, and coiled tubing against corrosive attacks from organic acids.

Acid Emulsifier

Our unique acid emulsifier is designed to prepare high-acid internal phase emulsions with hydrocarbons like kerosene or diesel to retard the rate of reaction for deeper penetration of acid into the formation.


We offer field-tested non-emulsifiers and surface and interfacial tension reducers which have been formulated to leave the formation “water-wet” to assist in well cleanup after acidizing treatments.

Anti-Sludge Agents

Al Moghera has created anti-sludge agent surfactants that eradicate the tendency of hydrocarbons, (predominantly those containing high levels of asphalt) to form acid sludge in the presence of live or spent HCl or HCl/HF acid mixtures.


High-Performance and Value for Over 32 Years
Al Moghera was established in 1986 as a wholesale supplier of specialty chemicals to oilfield service companies.

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