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AMACIDE-325 Biocide is an aqueous solution of glutaraldehyde containing 25% active ingredient. AMACIDE-325 Biocide is effective over a wide range of pH and temperature conditions.

AMACIDE-325 is well suited for use in the following applications.

Water Injection Systems

AMACIDE-325 exhibits excellent stability in oilfield injection waters, which ensures that its
antimicrobial activity will not be diminished in long pipelines. Hard waters or brines do not
adversely affect its biocidal efficacy, and glutaraldehyde is non-ionic so it won’t interfere
with the action of demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, or surfactants. AMACIDE-325 is typically slug dosed into the injection water on a daily or weekly basis at 50 to 2500 ppm active for up to 4 hours, although the exact treatment regimen will depend on the condition of the system, the amount of water being treated, etc.

Drilling, Completion, Workover, and Fracturing Fluids

AMACIDE-325 functions as a biocide over a broad pH range and its efficacy

AMACIDE-325 functions as a biocide over a broad pH range and its efficacy is much faster at neutral to alkaline pH’s than at acidic pH’s. Therefore, AMACIDE-325 is an excellent choice for use in preserving drilling muds and other oilfield fluids that are typically alkaline in pH. The combination of rapid alkaline efficacy at the typical use rates of 25 to 500 ppm as active, and proven stability and effectiveness in high salinity matrices ensures microbial protection of these important fluids.

Ability to remove established biofilm and to inhibit regrowth

The AMACIDE-325 Advantages
  • Broad spectrum of activity - kill aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms and algae
  • Chemically compatible with most common scale and corrosion inhibitors and dispersants
  • Effective over a broad pH and temperature range
  • Non-foaming
  • Water-soluble; therefore, easy to mix and dilute uniformly
  • Effective against organisms that produce H2S, which causes corrosion and foul odors
  • Compatible with chlorine
  • Non-corrosive at end use concentrations
  • Non-halogenated material
  • Does not contain heavy metals

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