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Al Moghera has a state-of-the-art lab located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We have invested in a state-of-the-art analytical services lab and testing equipment for the applications for which we develop products. Testing equipment is computer controlled and monitored, providing precise and rapid results. Tests include thickening time, compressive strengths, fluid loss, free water, settling, and rheologies.

Thickening Time

Thickening time is an API test that is used to measure the amount of time a cement slurry remains pumpable. Downhole circulating temperature and pressures are considered and testing schedules are developed to simulate the well. Once a slurry has reached 70 bc (bearden units) it is consider unpumpable by API standards. Slurries may be tested in an HPHT or Atmospheric consistometer depending on downhole conditions.

Atmospheric Consistometers

Atmospheric Consistometers are used to perform basic atmospheric-pressure thickening time tests and slurry conditioning. Al Moghera utilizes the Models 1200 for the testing of rheological properties, fluid loss and various other properties in strict compliance with API 10 A/B.

Fluid Loss

API fluid loss is critical to determine a cement slurry’s propensity to leak off water. Especially critical while cement is across higher permeability zones or being pumped with limited flow path such as through liner hangers. AL Moghera utilizes heated static fluid loss cells as per API Spec 10B guidelines.


Atmospheric viscometers are utilized to determine rheologies of fluids. Al Moghera utilizes both automated and manual viscometers. Rheologies are critical to cement modeling and determining frictional pressures during pumping operations. Rheologies are also utilized to test the compatibility between fluid system.

Circular Cement Expansion Mold Kit

The Circular Cement Expansion Mold is designed to measure the expansion or shrinkage characteristics of well cement slurries. In a typical well cementing operation, a cement slurry is pumped into the annulus between the well casing and the bore hole.

Corrosion Apparatus

Corrosion control and prevention is a growing aspect of the oil industry. Corrosion-the deterioration of a metal or its properties-attacks every component at every stage in the life of every oil and gas field. Al Moghera utilizes CTE M10-400 Corrosion Apparatus, designed to simulate chemical corrosion experienced in petroleum production operations. Chemical corrosion typified by hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, strong acids, concentrated brines, biological effects, erosion corrosion, sulfide stress corrosion, chloride stress, mud corrosion, etc.

Corrosion Test Cell with Coupon Holder, 500 mL

Aging Cell, OFITE Style, 500 mL

Gravity Convection Drying Oven

Precision Water Bath

Mud Balance, 4 Scale, Metal

Mixing/emulsion formatio


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