Fracturing Fluids

Superior Additives Improve the Fracturing Process

Used to boost well performance, hydraulic fracturing is a process utilized to introduce a fracture or new pathway in a hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir for increasing its functionality and improving its productivity. The treatment involves using water or oil-based fluids in conjunction with fracturing proppants. A successful hydraulic fracturing treatment involves, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Rock Mechanics
  • Chemistry
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • And More

Al Moghera designs and produces excellent, cost-effective well stimulation chemicals for use in fluid systems for hydraulic fracturing, stimulation, and coiled tubing.

Our additives are designed to reduce the total cost of operation, facilitate safer operating environments, and provide optimum performance in a wide array of reservoir conditions.

Comprehensive Fracturing Offerings

We develop and manufacture effective, economical and readily available chemicals for the following segments:

Related Information

Clay Stabilizers

The majority of sandstone formations contain clay; unfortunately, clay is known to damage these formations via swelling and migration. Our proven clay stabilizers are designed to provide effective stabilization of the types of swelling or migrating clays typically found in producing and injection wells. These stabilizers ensure excellent retention of formation permeability.

Foaming Agents

Al Moghera’s foaming agents are used for acid, water, brine, and alcohol fracturing fluid systems to increase operational efficiency, provide excellent proppant transport properties, reduce fluid loss, and create stable foams.


Biocides are used to kill microorganisms including sulfate-reducing bacteria, slime-forming bacteria, andalgae. Microorganisms and their enzymes can degrade and destroy polymeric drilling muds, completion and workover fluids, and fracturing fluids. Our biocides also help preserve non-harmful microorganisms encountered in oilfield operations.


High-Performance and Value for Over 32 Years
Al Moghera was established in 1986 as a wholesale supplier of specialty chemicals to oilfield service companies.

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