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Cement Fluid Loss Control Additives

Our Cement Fluid Loss Control Additives are Designed to Control The Filtration Rate of Many Water-Based Fluid Systems.

As cement is pumped across a permeable rock surface under pressure, cement filtrate or water is lost or squeezed out of the cement into the rock. Cement-fluid loss must be controlled to obtain the right rheological properties for placing the cement and to ensure a good cement bond to pipe and formation.

Our cementing additives CF-220, CFL111 & CFL-292 are fluid loss control additives for low to high temperature cement slurries help ensure desired compressive cement strength, promote rheological control, are slightly retarding to neutral,and, hence, contribute to excellent control of thickening time and short transition time and are environmentally-friendly. From fresh water to saturated salt application, and are compatible with most common cementing additives and cement typs and effective in a wide range of operating conditions of temperature (80-350 °F) and salt environments (18 percent NaCl).

Some of the benefits from using AlMoghera fluid loss additives in your cement slurry design:

  • Maintain slurry homogeneity and desired flow properties such as rheology, thickening time, density and compressive strength
  • Minimize formation damage caused by cement filtrate
  • Higher success rates for remedial "squeeze cementing"

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