Al Moghera provides cost effective chemical treatments for oil and gas production and additives for drilling, workover and stimulation

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Acidizing Products

AlMoghera offers a broad portfolio of specialty chemicals designedto help acids work more effectively and reduce potential problems, under the most severe environments conditions.

Matrix and fracture acidizing of sandstone and carbonate reservoirs are techniques for stimulating oil and gas reservoirs to produce at higher rates. Acids dissolve rock or permeability damaging fines near the wellbore. Successful acidizing requires a working knowledge of formation damage, acid chemicals, and the mechanics of acid stimulation techniques.

Over the past several decades, Al Moghera 's many Acidizing additives have been developed to give each customer and each well condition the most efficient system-making our customers more profitable.

Our product portfolio includes:


Each family of products offers broad-spectrum preservation, ease of use and a wide variety of applications.

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Al Moghera was established in 1986 as a wholesale supplier of specialty chemicals to oilfield service companies.

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